4000-Level Seminar

The 4000-Level Seminar serves as the capstone experience for all history majors. It includes readings and research in faculty specialties. In a seminar setting, students will investigate a broad topic, field, or period in history through intensive reading, research, and writing. Strongly emphasizes the examination and interpretation of primary and secondary sources, definition of a research topic, use of research methodology, and the understanding of issues and problems in research. 

The History Department requires all majors to earn a C or higher in HIS 4100 in order to graduate with a degree in history.

Pedagogical Goals and Practice

Application of skills and abilities in research, analysis, and communication. Research methods include:

  • identification, analysis, and use of primary and secondary sources
  • written prospectus
  • outline
  • rough draft
  • revision of rough draft
  • historical narrative
  • Chicago style documentation
  • historiographical essays
  • annotated bibliography
  • oral presentations
  • reading and writing book reviews
  • identification and comparison of different interpretations
  • application of theory
  • use of interdisciplinary methods
  • oral history
  • critiques of classmates’ work
  • editing

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